Partnering to Build Lives, Homes and Communities.


Our Plan

What if we could take tragedy and turn it into opportunity for those with the greatest need?

With your help, Project Team Up plans to “score a new community vision” for citizens devastated by Alabama’s April 2011 tornadoes.

Project Team Up takes a multi-faceted approach to leading the way in the redevelopment of some of Alabama’s hardest hit communities in the aftermath of the April 2011 tornadoes.

Our Goals include:

  • Building a stronger community;
  • Assisting with clean up and rebuilding;
  • Addressing individual residents’ needs; and
  • Assisting with relief efforts.

Phase One: Holt Area of Tuscaloosa

As a caring, supportive state, we have a unique opportunity to come together and recreate “home” in a way that is more meaningful and stronger than ever. While much attention and focus today is being placed on immediate needs, and rightfully so, we realize that the road will be long. We also know that in the end our collective journey will be worth the effort and investment.

Project Team Up will focus on creating projects and places that are more than just replacements for structures that were lost in the storms. Instead, we want to assist in developing a quality of life that takes all that is special about Alabama and magnifies it for the greater good. With no adminis-trative costs or lengthy process, nearly every dollar raised will be deployed promptly and efficiently into our state to affect quality change.

Whether he is coaching young adults on football or life, UA Football Coach Nick Saban is fond of focusing on the importance of finishing. The work of Project Team Up is like that. While it would be easy to complete tasks that are short term in their focus or “feel good” in their immediacy, our ulti-mate goal must remain to come together and built a revitalized Alabama where the sum is greater than the individual parts.

It is only by connecting that we can truly make a difference. So we invite you to get involved today in Project Team Up. Work with our projects, which you can find online. Create your own Team Up area. But whatever you do, let’s do it together to help our neighbors, our sisters, our fathers, our friends.